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Tinnitus 911

by ss Daniel Kamesh kamesh (2018-12-31)

It means Tinnitus 911 Review making those phone calls even when we're tired. Sending those 'I'm thinking about you' cards. Having mommy or daddy put the phone next to your new niece, nephew or grandchild's ear when they can't understand a word, but you know they can hear your voice. Leaving your cell phone under the pillow at night in case there's an emergency. Checking to see if everyone is okay and made it to the grocery store and safely home before the snow set in and power went out. Asking your cousin how her doctor's appointment went. Listening when sometimes all they need to do is talk. And it's definitely about forgiving. All those words ending with 'i-n-g.'It's hard to admit, but we have a drinking problem here in the UK. You hear the term 'Binge Drinking Culture' thrown around all the time in the media, but you only have to go out on a Friday or Saturday night to know that this is true. Wave after wave of drunk revellers, staggering aimlessly up and down the streets like victims of a zombie outbreak. And why? All in the name of getting laid.But I just want to have a laugh with my mates." Maybe so, but this is a byproduct. The main reason people consume so much alcohol at the weekend, is to attempt to lower their inhibitions and to try and meet someone. Why do I know this? Because I used to be exactly the same. By getting absolutely obliterated each weekend, I somehow thought this would assist me in plucking up the courage to talk to women. What did it do instead? It usually meant that by the time I did gather this 'Dutch courage', I was usually so inebriated that whatever slurred, incomprehensible message I shouted in a girl's ear, failed to do justice to the great first impression I knew I was capable of making. The reason this problem exists, is because we as a society have come to accept it. Its 'mob mentality' that causes people to think "As long as everybody else is doing it, then it's alright'." People are conditioned to think that they need to drink in order to have a good time and, if they don't, they become very self-conscious and uncomfortable. It also allows us a convenient excuse for our behaviour. Whether we do something bad (argue with our friends) or fail to do something good (successfully attract a woman), we are able to blame it on "Oh well, I was battered."