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Thin From Within

by rohini matthew (2018-12-17)

When my daughter was in first Thin From Within Review grade, she decided that the only food she wanted to include in her diet was macaroni and cheese. Getting her to eat anything else was a constant battle. So, I took her to the grocery store and let her pick out fifteen boxes of macaroni and cheese. I told her she could eat macaroni and cheese for breakfast, lunch and for dinner everyday until all the boxes were gone and then she could decide if she enjoyed her diet. All was well for the first couple days. She ate macaroni and cheese for breakfast, packed a bowl of macaroni and cheese in her lunch box, and ate the same thing for dinner. By the third day, she was sick of it, and begging for something different. On the fourth day, I gave her a choice between macaroni and cheese and a green salad for dinner. She ate the salad with gusto.